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Development Strategies

Focusing on compressor, QingYang explored and gathered experience in corporate management to lay a solid foundation for its later expansion. A complete mode of management was established, and the brand of QingYang was gradually accepted by consumers.


  QingYang diversify its product range from one product to a variety of products (in 1994, we had compressors only, and in 1999, we had dozens of products, from compressed air equipments to industrial tools). Through diversification, our business was expanded and strengthened.
  To become a national brand is not enough. If a business is successful only in the domestic market, the superiority won't last long.
From 2005, we has planed to build name brand in developed markets. Now our products are sold in great volume to major economic regions all over the world. With well established overseas distribution network and after-sales service network, Qingyang is warmly received by foreign customers.

In the next few years, well strengthen our leadership position by actively:
  • Increasing investments in product development
  • Building the QingYang brand globally
  • Continuing to develop our strong relations with major retailers
  • Cutting costs in production and distribution



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