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Compressed Air Explain

Why we must use air dryers and filters?
Source£º Time£º2010/4/11

Why we must use air dryers and filters?
    Clean, dry air is essential for most manufacturing facilities. The damaging and corrosive properties of water are well known. Untreated air at atmospheric pressure contains large amounts of water and other contaminants such as oil droplets and dirt particles.
    When the air is compressed the concentration of moisture and other contaminants increases. If allowed to remain in the system this corrosive mixture has a detrimental effect on pneumatic equipment, causing unnecessary production downtime, product spoilage and reduced equipment life.
    To avoid unnecessary maintenance or breakdowns your compressed air must be dry and clean. QingYang¡¯s air dryers and filters can help minimize the amount of moisture that is generated from your compressed air system.



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