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Advice for maintenance of srew air compressor
SourceFrom webside Time2010/4/14

Advice for maintenance of srew air compressor
We provide some maintenance advice to general users
1.Every week
a. Checking the unit to find out have or not strange voice and leakage.
b. Checking the meter to see the reading if or not right .
c. Checking the temperature display of
2.Every month
a. Checking the unit inside to look for the parts of rust or flexible. If found paint or tighten them.
b. Exhaust the cooling water.
3.Every three months
a. Clean out the dust of cooler surface, fan cover and fan leaves.
b. Filling the lubricant oil of electromotor bearing
c. Checking the tube to find if or not old or break
d. Checking the electricity component, clean out the control box.



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